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Chat Room Rules and Tips

Thanks for joining our community of music makers :speaker:and lovers :heart:. This new NSB Chat is similar to our old IRC chat room, but its much more updated and designed to be more of a community.

Some general tips and rules:

- *Turn on notifications* - Click on your name in the top left :arrow_upper_left: and open Preferences :gear:. You can then choose your notification settings. So that you don't miss important updates, set your settings as you want - we highly recommend clicking the *"Send me email notifications"* (towards end of page) as we find thats the best way to never miss really important stuff. You can *setup "mention" alerts* to be alerted when people mention your artist name, your name or tracks etc.

- *Grab the Slack apps for your phone / computer* - you get better notifications and uses less battery. Links are here - - they are available for iPhone, Android, Mac, etc

- *Use the @ function* (similar to Twitter) to mention people and reply to people - this way they get notifications that you have replied!

- *Post interesting stuff* - this chat room is not just about NSB Radio but designed to be used by music lovers of all kinds. Found a new tune? Post it. Need some help with your production? Ask for it. Have a question? Ask it. As our community expands, we'll look to add dedicated sections as they are needed.

- We do allow uploads, but our space is limited, so *please don't upload large files just put a link* to them. I recommend Dropbox - if you do upload a large file, delete it after its been received by the recipient (right corner dots menu > Your Files > then Delete)

- You can use the Direct Message function in the left menu :arrow_left: to send direct messages and *start a private chat* with other users. These are private; admins cannot read them.

- You can access NSB listening info and whats playing now on the archives - just *type /nsb followed by a command - like listen or archives*.

- *Please don't be a dick*. Jokes are good, swearing can be funny, and we are an advocate of free speech, but if you think you're being a dick, you probably are being a dick. Bullying, harassment, abuse, obscene images are not cool. Your account will be suspended temporarily or perhaps permanently.

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